Monday, 20 October 2008

Birthdays and Holidays

The past week and a half since I returned from Australia have been fairly busy, almost hectic some days. Phew!

Before I went away I had promised my cousins that I would make a birthday cake for their respective mothers (twins) who will be 80 on 5 November. There is to be a surprise celebration for them on that day, so a cake is almost compulsory. So as Bob and I are going to be away from Monday until 3 November I had to get on with it. Baked the cake before I went to Australia and on my return began making the sugar flowers for the decoration. As time will be of the essence when we return from our holiday I had asked a friend if she would ice the cake for me. So yesterday I took all the necessary to her and will collect the finished creation on our return. I should add here that my friend is 75 years old! She is also one of a twin.

Have also baked another birthday cake in readiness for decoration on my return. This time for a joint party for 3 sons of friends. Another set of twins, plus a sibling.

A friend telephoned on Tuesday to ask if we, together with another couple would like to go and have a meal with her and her husband on Wednesday evening. We haven't seen much of them recently because he has been undergoing chemotherapy in an attempt to get him into remission. But he is having a break from it for a while to give him a chance to build up again. They both felt that they would like a social evening and we were only to pleased to go. We had a lovely evening, just the six of us, good food,lots of laughs and our friends both said that it had done them a power of good. We wish there was more we could do but they do know that they only have to pick up the telephone and ask, should they need anything at all.

My darling girl also telephoned mid week, to ask if it would be OK if she and her little one visited at the weekend! Of course! Only a flying visit, overnight, but would like to see us before we jet off. So that was arranged and they duly arrived on Friday evening, leaving us exhausted 24 hours later. We invited my mum round to lunch on Saturday too.

And, as if all of this was not enough, the estate agent rang - could Mr and Mrs W view the house on Saturday morning please. This would be the 6th set of prospective buyers since we put the house on the "market" in early March. We have never taken so long to sell a house before, just shows how slow things are. However they duly arrived and had a good look around and left again. Are they interested? Who knows! I remarked at lunch that each viewing we have had had been on a sunny day, so just shows how few there have been!

So, today, I shall be packing for our holiday. Me and Bob. We are both really looking forward to it and will be away for 2 weeks.


rosiero said...

Talking of cakes - you might want to read my post this week. Hope the celebrations go well.

Lindsay said...

Good luck with the house selling. We sold our last house in May 2006 (probably at the height of the house market) and it took 42 visits before the right people turned up!!! We got really fed up with keeping the house tidy - at weekends we sometimes had 3 visitations on both the saturdays and sundays. Do not mean to depress you!!!!

Sandi McBride said...

Hope you and Bob enjoy your break...I love the "Cat Show" by the way...had to take a bit to view the lovely fur folk!

Gill - That British Woman said...

good luck with the house selling. I hear the market is slow at the moment in Britain.

I hope you enjoy your vacation, relax and take a deep breath.

Gill in Canada

cheshire wife said...

Hope you enjoy your holiday and best of luck with the house sale. It took us three years to sell or last house, five years ago. The only good thing about it taking so long, to sell, was that it increased in value.

Maggie May said...

Have a brilliant time!

Dusty Spider said...

It always seems to get extra busy when you're trying to get away on holiday. Why is that!? Have a wonderful time won't you. Missing you already! Flick xx

Denise said...

Lovely that you and your hubby are getting away for a vacation. House selling is stressful. Good luck on getting a buyer soon. Prospective buyers dropping in can be stressful in itself. May good fortune be yours and by the time you get home you will have a seller.

Denise said...

Ups! Should have said buyer shouldn't I? Not awake yet and that's the truth :)

Pam said...

Have a lovely holiday and good luck selling the house. Think we had about 10 viewings before we sold ours. I got fed-up with keeping the house clean and "staged". It's so nice now to kick-back and be a slob once more!
I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip when you get back.

Retiredandcrazy said...

Packing for your holiday? But you only just got back from Australia! Have a good one!

Lindsay said...

Hi there Anne, hope you are having a good holiday. Just in case you need some extra work when you get home - I have tagged you!!!!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Rosiero - have just read your post - wonderful. A x

Lindsay - we have just resigned ourselves to waiting it out! A x

Sandi - thanks (yes we did) and glad you like the "cat show". Wonderful creatures. A x

Thanks Gill for both. A x

CW - unfortunately prices are dropping! Oh well. A x

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Maggie - we did - thank you. A x

Flick - had a fantastic time thank you. A x

Denise - we had a wonderful time thanks - but no buyer yet! Ax

thanks Pam - have started on holiday posts already. A x

RAC - now back and someone has already asked me "where next". No plans - need to keep my feet on terra firma for a while. Brilliant holiday though. A x

Lindsay - we had a brilliant time -now enjoying catching up with blogger friends. A x

Jay said...

My, you have been busy!

Isn't it nice when grown up kids who've left home come back to visit? I don't have grandchildren yet, but I'm sure that's delightful too.

Good luck with the house sale!