Friday, 20 July 2012

An Evening at the Theatre

On Wednesday evening husband and I went to the theatre to see Miriam Margolyes in her one woman stage show "Dickens' Women". She is reprising her Olivier-nominated show in a year-long world tour. Our daughter saw it in New Zealand in the Spring.

We have always enjoyed seeing her in her various roles in film and on TV and when we realised that she would be appearing at the Taunton theatre we immediately booked our seats. We were thoroughly entertained. Miss Margolyes was on stage for two hours with only a 20 minute interval and held us enthralled by her performances of some of Dickens' various fictional characters, mostly the female roles but she did include her interpretation of the Beadle in Oliver Twist. We also heard of the women in Dickens' life and his treatment of them.

We both love to watch the TV and film adaptations of Dicken's stories but somehow her performance of the chosen characters, delivered with so much depth and obvious enjoyment, has made me want to begin reading the stories for myself. (I did read some at school but not since I am almost ashamed to admit).

It was a wonderful evening, so if you are fans of the lady and of Dickens and get the chance to see this show, I can highly recommend it.


Hildred and Charles said...

How nice to have a night out at the theatre, and especially something you enjoyed so much, Anne

Maggie May said...

Sounds really good. I've always enjoyed Dickens.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Cezar and Léia said...

wow a special evening for sure, how lucky you are!It's wonderful!
Glad that you enjoy this night at the theater!
Léia and little LUNA

fizzycat said...

Sounds fantastic, anything to do with Dickens is great and the theatre adds an edge to read work.
Love the pics of your glam Aunties too.

Denise said...

Wonderful! A great evening at the theatre. I did a google search on this actress and I recognized her immediately .

Vivian said...

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