Monday, 2 March 2009

In the garden this week

We have had beautiful weather, yesterday and today - blue skies, lots of sunshine and breezy. It's still not quite warm enough for me to work in the garden but I had a quick look around and took a few photos.

Please click on each photo to enlarge it.

I found a clump of primroses

and some crocus, fully out

also the hellebore - these are purple and there is a pink one behind it but I have no white, which of course are the beautiful "Christmas roses" - I would love to have some of those.

Robin was helping himself to lunch

and also Mrs Blackbird

A few days before I had found the frogs being "friendly" in our pond (look away now if you are easily shocked)!

and today there was a newt basking in the sunshine in the shallows

note the frog spawn in the bottom left corner!

And, finally, our first daffodils


Maggie May said...

You've got lots of lovely colour in your garden. Mine has had a great set back with all the work being done. Will get some order into the place now it is nearing its end.

Mean Mom said...

What lovely spring like photos! I'm not at home, at the moment, but I think that my miniature daffodils should be blooming soon.

Mean Mom said...
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rosiero said...

Goodness, what a lot of frogs! And you'll be getting even more!

Mean Mom said...

Sorry. Posted my comment twice, so removed one.

Pam said...

That's a sight for sore eyes - colour and life in the garden! I loved all the pictures. Yellow primroses are my favourite - they smell the best don't they.
The frogs were hilarious. I'd be out there all day watching them. Makes me sound like a pervert!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Maggie - yes there is some colour coming back now. I am looking forward to getting down to tidying up properly. I'll bet you are too. A x

Mean Mom - I expect you'll have quite a surprise when you do get back. Thought you must be away - all so quiet! A x

Rosiero - I knew we had at least 4 but there must have been about 8 there that I could count! A x

Pam - The primroses are pretty aren't they. I find the pond fascinating and often just go and watch it for a while. I felt a bit voyeuristic that day though, with my camera! LOL. A x

Fern said...

It is wonderful to see the growing signs of spring. Your frogs certainly aren't shy!! I think the basket bird feeder is a really good idea and it looks like the robin agrees!

Denise said...

Hello Anne, great bunch of photographs. The flowers were lovely, the robin a little darling - love how you have used the basket for a feeding station - and lots of frogs. If I have missed anything out, just thought they were all smashing. Sounds like you are having lovely weather. We woke up to 10 degrees F but it has warmed up to 28! All relative I suppose. I know folks have it much colder in other areas.

Jay said...

Those flowers are so pretty! We have crocuses - more this year than last - and snowdrops, but no daffs yet, though there are buds. Everything seems so late!

Our wildlife pond is dead. It got so clogged with leaves that nothing lives there. I lost heart when a grass snake came along and ate all the frogs and newts, and I think I might fill it in. We have a raised goldfish pond, so a raised wildlife pond might be the answer, except that part of the point was to allow somewhere for the hedgehogs to drink.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Fern - yes my basket bird feeder is always busy and it is so good to know spring is on its way. A x

Denise - saw on the news that you have snow, our reporter in Washington looked frozen! Glad you liked the bird feeder too, it was something useful to do with an unwanted basket. A x

Jay - I think I would be put off with a snake as well. Some friends of ours filled theirs in because of grandchildren but made a pebble/water feature out of it - it looks great. You could always leave a bowl of water for the hedgehog. A x

cheshire wife said...

Your garden is looking quite colourful. It is great to be able to get out and do some tidying up. We managed to do some on Sunday which I was very pleased about.

Tillybud said...

Hello Anne -thank you for coming over to say hi. I too like your basket feeder idea. I'm hoping to make a little wildlife pond this year. Looks like yours is well used!