Friday, 8 May 2009

I've been knitting an ice-cream!

Once again my bleep bleep computer has been giving me problems and there is only so much advice my son, 10,000 miles away, can give me! Main problem is that when I am trying to visit other blogs "Internet Explorer" decides to keep on opening other windows, very quickly, so that I suddenly have about 20 + open all at once!! So I just have to turn the computer off and begin again. Very irritating. I run the spyware thingy and hope for the best but it has put me off using it very much lately. At the moment all is OK! I shall have to get it looked at though.

So instead of blogging I have been trying to be more creative. I made our 5 year old grand-daughter's birthday cake (an alien space craft - her choice) and OH and I went up to Stratford on Avon on THE DAY and delivered it. I have another birthday cake to do next week and a couple at the end of the month. In the meantime I started to knit a blanket to use up some of the stock of wool that I have accumulated over the years. It is mostly in blues and white and cream but I thought I would add colourful motives to some of the squares, the first being an ice-cream and I'm quite pleased with the result! We live in a sea-side town so I decided on holiday/leisure theme.

I have a long way to go to finish and I have a feeling I may be sidetracked into making something for youngest grandson as I have already begun looking through my patterns. Have also thought that maybe I could knit my daughter an Aran sweater. We'll see.

OH has been working away quite a bit lately and this week is away playing golf! So, although we were disappointed about not selling our house recently, I have decided that I must make a real effort to sort through all cupboards and drawers and discard where necessary and that has kept me busy too. One of these days our house will sell, so it is a job that has to be dealt with and sooner rather than later!

I have missed being able to blog on a regular basis and do hope to catch up a bit now. One of my first tasks is to get over to Anne at Retired and Crazy who very kindly cooked me a chicken when I was a bit fed up over the loss of our house sale - I have thanked her but not collected it yet. I wonder if it is still OK?


rosiero said...

I love that ice cream. How clever. Funnily enough, Kay asked me to teach her to knit last weekend and she has been busy practising when she gets a spare minute. It's rekindled in me the desire to knit something, so I have got out my needles and started. It can be so therapeutic, can't it?

Maggie May said...

What a great ice cream..... one that won't make you fat!
You are lucky being able to knit for your grand children. All four of mine will not wear knitted things and say they itch or that they feel too hot.I have never used pure wool either. They just don't like knitted things! Shame, really as I like to knit.

Jay said...

The ice cream is great!

As to the IE issue, it's probably a spamming thing. My best piece of advice is to ditch IE altogether and use Firefox. It's safer, and you can use tabbed browsing which I love!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Rosiero - I have really got into it again now and yes, it is quite therapeutic. A x

Maggie - I was going to say they're the best kind but I love the real thing. I can now only knit for the very yougest grandchildren - the others are like yours. A x

Jay - glad you liked the ice cream! Thanks for the tip - I will look into it. A x


That's fab Anne and I love the decoration too. Your grandchildren will treasure it :-D x

Cezar and Léia said...

wow dear Jamm Anne! Fabulous post!
Congratulations you are an artist!!!Great work!

By the way About internet explorer, I have had the same problem here.So I decided to download other browser ( in fact my son Gui did it for me ), like “Mozilla Firefox”, you can easily find it searching by google.It was working well but as I have “yahoo email “one day I noticed in the “main page by yahoo “about a upgrade to Internet Explorer .It was free and I decided to try it.
For now it seems to be working very well.

Have a “wonderful Mother’s Day “!
God bless you
Your friend Léia

Pam said...

I agree about Firefox - seems to be a bit less problematic. Have a lovely weekend & keep knitting!
Pam xxx

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Mrs A - thanks - I'm thinking too that grandson might like an ice cream on a jersey! A x

Leia - pleased you liked the ice cream as well. Thank you for the Firefox tip and I wish you a Happy Mother's Day too. A x

Pam - I will certainly look into Firefox. Hope you have a happy Mother's Day with your lads. A x

Gilly said...

Fabulous ice cream! Clearing out can be quite therapeutic, or manic, depends how much you throw away!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Gilly - I was pleased with the ice-cream, first time I've ever knitted a motif into anything! A x

Cynthia said...

Ice-cream makes everything all better!!!!! Good for you for making this permanent!!!!
:^) So good that you're enjoying your creative time. That is priceless.
Yes, I agree with all of the Firefox fans. It works for me! Also, make sure that your spyware and anti-virus are turned on "enable". I checked mine a few days back and they were on "disable"! I know that I did not do that, so I wonder if some spyware or something has a way to switch it off, or something...who knows???
Computers...yep, it's a love/hate relationship.

Denise said...

Hi Anne, that's lovely. I've always envied people who can knit. My mother and my sister were great knitters but I never could get the hang of it. My brain just wouldn't commit to knit :)

I too have the 20 pop-up windows and it's been an on-going thing for a while now, though it doesn't happen all the time, just enough to be a real pain. I have Norton and do the virus scans every night too. This Firefox others have mentioned sounds like the way to go. I'm checking into it right away.

Winifred said...

Mmm wonderful strawberry, vanilla and pistachio, delicious! That's so pretty you clever thing!

Mean Mom said...

Lovely icecream! Blogging does take up a lot of time, doesn't it? It's a full time hobby, if you want to be serious about it, allowing little time for anything else you might be interested in.

I like knitting, but can't do anything complicated.

Mean Mom said...

Just wanted to say - I have had problems on your site with lots of windows opening up, when I've been using my mini laptop and have been unable to read a whole post or comment. Today I have been to do both, so something must be better, somewhere!

Kate said...

Lovely ice-cream are clever! Me and knitting do not gel at all... I have always tried and sometimes succeeded but I am afraid the failures out number the successes and I end up unravelling it all!

I hope by now you've downloaded Firefox - it certainly is better - my son is a software engineer and he swears by it!!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Cynthia - I think I'm going to have to knit sweaters, for youngest grandchildren at least, with ice-cream motif on. I find knitting very relaxing. A x

Denise - I would like to master crochet - that will be on my list of things I want to learn to do before it's too late! A x

Winifred - it looks good enough to eat, doesn't it! A x

Mean Mom - your are right - I love blogging but it takes so much time and when the computer is playing up it takes forever! Glad you were able to get in again. A x

Kate - pleased you also like the ice-cream. Thank you too for Firefox tip. A x

To all who have been kind enough to persevere with my blog and leave a comment regarding Firefox - thank you so much - I will do it today! A x

cheshire wife said...

You will sell your house one day, believe me. Sorry to hear about your problems but I think that they are all part of the sale process.

That knitted ice cream looks good. It is a pity that it cannot be eaten!

Thank you for your recent comments on my blog.

Mary said...

That is so cool!