Thursday, 16 April 2009

An Eventful Few Days

We have had quite an eventful few days, since I last posted. Where do I begin?

Well, Thursday evening OH and I went out with some friends to a local restaurant to celebrate my 65th birthday. A lovely evening which got our weekend off to a great start. Friday - Good Friday - my birthday - I decided to just take it easy and in fact I was busy doing nothing all day. Did go round to see my mum for a while and the traffic was so heavy it put me off wanting to go anywhere else. So an easy day with various phone calls and visitors and OH cooked our evening meal.

Saturday morning brought two phone calls - one was our estate agent saying that an offer had been made on our house. Unfortunately the potential purchasers still have to sell their own property! Also there was another couple wanting to view our house on Tuesday afternoon. Spurred on by this OH and I later went into the agents to pick up some details of a possible future home. The second phone call was to tell me that I had won a prize in a local Easter raffle - a box of chocolates. Not so exciting but still good news.

Our daughter and 4 year old grand-daughter arrived on Saturday evening, so my Easter Sunday morning began with an Easter egg hunt - about 7 am! Later that morning D and GD went off to visit friends and I got on with cooking lunch for us all. My mum joined us and it was a lovely family occasion. Later in the afternoon D, GD and I walked to the beach.

Easter Monday morning D and GD and I went off to visit friends for coffee and then on to "Secret World" a local wildlife charity who were having one of their "open days". We saw quite a few rescued animals including badgers, owls, snakes and hedgehogs. They also have a baby otter there (which we didn't see) and many, many more different types of wildlife, many of which were still hospitalised and therefore kept away from the general public. Some of you may have heard of the incident where because of a remark made by Jonathan Ross on his chat show, about a dormouse at the centre, they were visited by the police to make sure that the said animal was not being ill-treated. (It was not - long story though, which Pauline Kidner, the lady who runs the centre, recounted with good humour). The next two rescued baby badgers were named Jonathan and Ross! Anyway, we spent a couple of hours there and then got back into the holiday traffic to make our way home for lunch. Because the weather was so beautiful we again walked to the beach later in the afernoon.

Tuesday dawned and we all scurried round making sure the house was tidy for our viewers. D and GD went off to visit my mum and then to have GD's hair trimmed. We met up in the town later for lunch with a mutual friend. I got myself back home for the viewing which seemed to go well. D and GD left for home on Tuesday evening and got safely home by 9 pm. She tends to travel in the evenings as the roads are quieter and little girl falls asleep and then just gets lifted from car to bed. A good plan which works well.

Yesterday, OH and I went off to have a look at a possible future home. Always a bit scary I feel but we were happy with what we saw. Later that day we had a call from the agents with another offer on our house. That is even more scary. So as I write negotiations are well under way and we may know later today if and when we are actually moving and to where!!

I'll keep you posted!


Lindsay said...

Your house moving plans look promising - I will keep fingers crossed!

Jay said...

You have had an exciting weekend! Nice to enjoy time with family, of course, but the news on the house is great!

Maybe things are picking up on the house market? I hope so!

Good luck!

Gilly said...

A very exciting weekend indeed! Hope your house plans come to fruition - thetre seems to be such a lot of opportunities for them to go awry. But here's hoping!

Cezar and Léia said...

What a busy woman!
and lucky!!!You won a prize in a local Easter raffle!!!! GREAT !
Dear Anne...Glad to know your news!
Many thanks for sharing
You are so kind and you deserve much love in your life.
I hope you find a good new home soon!
God bless you

Pam said...

Exciting times and it sounds like maybe the house market is picking up? I've noticed a little trend here too.
I'm glad you had a lovely weekend with family, even if the hunt started at 7am!

Winifred said...

Sounds like a good birthday and holiday weekend.

That's great to hear your good news on the house front. Keeping everything crossed for you!

Denise said...

Hi Anne, my goodness, a busy few days but fun ones it sounds like. Congratulations on the house offers and hope all that goes smoothly for you. Time with d and gd sounded lovely.

Mean Mom said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you! You've certainly had a busy time and I'm glad that there's been some interest in your house. Hope that things continue to go well.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Thanks to all for your responses and good wishes BUT I think I may have spoken too soon about the house!! A x

Mary said...

Sounds like you have been very busy! Moving is always so scary and exciting at the same time. I dread the day we have to move from here if we decide to downsize. So much work! And I would really miss my yard. Winning chocolates sounds great :-)