Monday, 6 April 2009

In the garden this week

There is lots to see in the garden now and even though the daffodils are almost over there are plenty of other spring flowers appearing almost every day.

A bergenia and a few celandines

the camellia is fully out now

there are masses of violets

and some pretty cowslips

I was delighted to find this fritillaria - only ever seem to get one

our magnolia tree is now in full flower and looks magnificent (I took this picture from an upstairs window)

In the pond the tadpoles are growing fast

this frog is only about 2 inches long - must have been one of last year's

The colourful goldfinches like to feed here

and so does the squirrel

Mr Blackbird likes a daily dip

and who do you think this is having a bath?

Robin had a good soak!

and later when we were in the garden we were able to hear him singing - lovely.


Maggie May said...

Glad to see you back in action! Loved your pictures of flowering plants and the wild life!
I have actually managed some pictures of my garden at long last.It is lovely to see so much in flower!

Gilly said...

Lovely photos, especially the robin! But you must be a long way south of me! Our tadpoles are still curved in their jelly-spawn, the celandines have only just got weeny buds, and as for cowslips - haven't seen them for years! (Though we are on acid soil, so are not likely to! Remember them well from my childhood on the chalky Chiltern hills)

Still, we've got all that to look forward to!

Cezar and Léia said...

"The world’s like a flower
Either fallen or grown
The leaves cover secrets
And the pedals are shown
We're like a flower

The world's like a flower
All the thorns will pass through
The world's like a flower
Just waiting to bloom..."

Lovely series! Fantastic Garden!
Many thanks for sharing
God bless you

Dusty Spider said...

Lovely photos Anne, thanks for sharing them. Flick xx

Mean Mom said...

I don't know why, Strawberry Jam, but your site makes my mini laptop freeze, meaning that I can't read your posts, (I can only see as much as will fit in the small screen) or comment. Anyway, here I am on the normal computer and it's fine.

Your photos are great. I have lots of violets, too. They are crazy self-seeders, aren't they? Mine came from just one small plant, about 3 years ago. I think that your magnolia is the best I have ever seen - so many branches and flowers. You've got some good close ups of the birds and I love the one of the squirrel.

rosiero said...

Love the photos but particularly liked the last one of the robin and all those tadpoles. My, you are going to have a lot of frogs!

Jay said...

Beautiful!! I love the magnolia - ours decided not to bloom this year. It's a 'Susan', planted in honour of a dog we lost. It's eerie .. as if she's grieving too.

Cynthia said...

Lovely! Thank you for taking the time to share Spring from your part of the globe! So nice....

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Maggie - yes, things are a little easier but still need to do some work on it. Same goes with the garden too really! Saw the photos of your lovely spring flowers - what a great time of the year - so much colour! A x

Gilly - glad you liked the pics. I was surprised how quickly our frog spawn turned into tadpoles this year. Great though! A x

Cezar and Leia - lovely poem - thank you. A x

Flick - good to see you again. A x

Mean Mom - good to see you again too. Have been having computer problems perhaps that is why. Pleased you liked the photos. A x

Rosiero - Robin is great isn't he/she! I think the birds will take care of some of the tadpoles as we don't ever get over-run with tiny frogs! A x

Jay - what a pity about your "Susan" magnolia - perhaps next year it will make up for it. A x

Cynthia - welcome and thank you for your comment. A x

Deb said...

you have great photos! Love the squirell in the feeder, they are so fun to watch

Pam said...

If possible, capture your robin on video and post it. I forget how they sound! Lovely pictures XXXX

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Deb - we love to watch the squirrels - great characters. A x

Pam - pleased you liked the photos - I will try for the robin's song but making no promises! A x

Pat - Arkansas said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog. I've had a delightful time looking at all your lovely photos. The goldfinch is quite differently colored from the ones we have here, and the robin is different, too.

I'll be back. I hope you'll return to visit me sometime.

Golden retriever de Louisette + chat chartreux said...

Lovely fotos flowers, bird robin..
Greeting from Belgium.

Mary said...

What a lot of wonderful planst and animals both! Great shots. Love the goldfinches and squirrels and all!