Saturday, 20 June 2009

Another Senior Moment

After my post about the coffee yesterday I thought I'd share this story with you as well.

OH and I had to go to Bristol this morning. We had an appointment in the old part of the city and decided to park in the multi-storey behind the Hippodrome (for those of you who know the city). We left the car for about 2 hours and on returning to the car park had to climb the stairs to level 5. I don't normally have any difficulty walking upstairs but with each successive flight my legs were aching more and more. By the time I reached level 5 my back was really aching as well. However, I got there, OH went to pay and I made my way to where we had left the car. I walked around the level and met up with OH coming the other way. We couldn't find our car! We looked at one another and OH said he would check the next level up. I let him do that by himself but we both realised it couldn't be there because that was the top level so made our way down again. I then said that I thought it could be on level 3 and there it was. What a relief!

What had happened? As we got out of the car I had thought I had seen the number 3 but as we made our way to the staircase we both saw the number 5 - so we both thought we must be on level 5. In fact we were on level 3. Number 5 turned out to be the speed limit in the car park!

I do sometimes wonder if we are safe to be let out on our own! It did make us laugh though - eventually!


Maggie May said...

That was funny! You are not alone!
Once when we went to a local sea side, my daughter parked her car in a side street & off we went for a day of enjoyment, which was marred because we never could remember which side street we had left it in!
Half an hour later, we eventually found it, but we were wondering if we would have to get the train home & if the car had been stolen. We were contemplating ringing the Police, only we couldn't say which street the car had been left in!
Couldn't blame senior moments for that, at the time!

Lindsay said...

A panic moment! I once parked at Heathrow in those ghastly multi story places to collect my 15 year old son. When we got back to car we found I had parked so badly next to a concrete pillar I could not get out. 15 year old said "Muuum" and he proceeded to get some newspaper, edged it down side of car, hopped in driving seat and slid the car out for me! I felt a very senior person!!!

Angie said...

Know the feeling!!! Had to giggle re the 5 being the speed limit (don't THINK I've ever done that before....)

rosiero said...

Good job the speed limit wasn't 10... you'd have puffed and wheezed your way up to the tenth floor and then been shocked that your car as well as the tenth floor had disappeared!! So funny.

fizzycat said...


Cynthia said...

Dear SJA:
I don't think it's necessarily "senior moments..." unless they come a bit early! My daughters have even done the same thing...(well, me, too!) My daughter Sara called me from the Dallas airport (which is enormous) after picking up her husband on a flight back from India. He was exhausted and glad to be home, but they couldn't find her car! She finally got to a floor that she thought was close to where it was and set off the alarm from her key-chain to find it! Thank goodness for that! :^)


I never get on well with multi-storey car parks. It's been much better since the children learnt to read numbers. At least they can now help me out.

I'm desperate to get over to Bristol. We have relatives there who would be great to see AND there's the new Banksy exhibition. :-D x

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh Anne! What a funny story! I was here imagining all the scene! LoL
Anyway I think it could happen with me as well! Sometimes I'm so distracted.
Cool post!
Have a beautiful Sunday and be always happy !
and purrs and love Luna(from Brazil)

Jay said...

Hahaha! We've all done it, Anne. Especially those of us over a certain age! LOL! I'm glad you found your car.

Gilly said...

Oh dear - but you have to laugh! I hate multi-story car parks and try to avoid them. But I have a Blue Badge so generally can park somewhere more convenient )she says smugly!)

cheshire wife said...

I think that we all do that at some point in our lives. I was all of 32 when I did it. Scary at the time, but you can laugh about it later.

sunnymama said...

I love your funny stories! I do thinks like this too :)