Monday, 15 June 2009

Time for a swim

The weather was beautiful at the weekend and I decided to get rid of some of the duck weed in our pond and some of the water lily pads which seem to be in abundance. The tadpoles are doing well and their little legs are now just visible. I got my camera to try to take a shot of them and who should come swimming towards me - and then away again - one of the newts that live here. I love to see them.

Here is a picture of the tadpoles - not sure that you will be able to see their legs though.


Retiredandcrazy said...

Ah, tadpoles,memories of my youth.

Denise said...

Lovely photo and video Anne. That little newt you caught swimming was fun to see, cute little thing. Tadpoles I used to love looking at them as a child, and still do.

Cezar and Léia said...

Fabulous video Anne!This tadpole is cute and a great swimmer! :-)
So glad to see you have sunny days and a warm weather!
HAve a nice week!
God bless you

Lindsay said...

I thought you were going to say . . . . . . and you jumped in too!!

sunnymama said...

Great video and I love the picture of the tadpoles. We have frogs in our pond but no sign of any tadpoles.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

RAC - I think that must be why I like our pond so much! A

Denise - It was so lucky that I just happened to have the camera at the ready. A

Leia - he is a great fun to watch but I don't see him very often. A

Lindsay - now that would have been a sight! A

Sunnymama - glad you liked the video - hope you get some tadpoles next year. A

Brenda Leyland said...

Hi Anne, Just wanted to let you know I posted your award to me on today's post, if you want to come and take a peek.

Thanks again for the honour!

Jay said...

Oh, I love newts! We used to have a ton of them but they all left. There are none in the fish pond of course. No frogs either. I miss the frogs and newts.

Maybe we'll extend the fish pond some day and make a little ramp for the froggies.

joo said...

I love to watch them too:)
Lovely post Anne!