Thursday, 28 January 2010


A few days ago OH and I decided it was time we got round to hanging some of our pictures. All the unpacking is done and most of our possessions sorted and in situ or disposed of. We began in our little hall with a picture, a plate and the barometer. It was then it dawned on me that this was not going to be easy or relaxing! However, all went well there and we moved into our sitting room. Now, perhaps I should explain that OH is most definitely not a DIY-er. He does whatever needs to be done with minimum effort, except that it usually turns out to be with maximum effort! Now don't get me wrong, he is not a lazy man, in fact he has loads of energy and is always on the go, he is just not "handy". And, he has a heart of gold and that's what really counts. Anyway, back to the pictures. The first one we wanted to hang in our sitting room is fairly large and, I thought, needed to have two hangers on the wall to hold it safely. I persuaded OH that this was the case and he proceeded to fix the first of them. He then tried to guess as to where the second hanger should be placed. After a bit of discussion I got him a tape, a pencil and the steps and the picture was duly hung. (I thought it was actually a bit high but it was a joint decision so kept quiet and made a note to self to resolve that at first opportunity). Next it was two fairly small pictures which we decided to put into an alcove, one above the other.

By this time I was getting fidgety, wanting to do the job myself. I had to restrain myself from grabbing the hammer out of his hand as I reckoned this could be interpreted as being somewhat inflammatory and kept my hands firmly behind my back. OH measured to get the width of the space and hung the first of the two pictures and then said "do you think this looks about centre" to which I replied as calmly as I could, "why don't you measure it dear". We decided then that we would leave the others for another day! Probably the best decision for my blood pressure too!

This morning OH had to go out for a while and I got on with some jobs in our bedroom. First I pinned up the curtains which were draping the floor. I know the draped effect is fashionable but they were far too long and look much better now. I will get round to sewing them later. I moved a couple of pieces of furniture about, had a general tidy up and put a new cover and throw on the bed. Finally I hung a recently purchased canvas. The room looked much better, completely different and I felt pleased with the result.

OH came in shortly afterwards and I told him I had also had a busy couple of hours. "What have you been up to" he grinned and began looking round. Sitting room - no, kitchen - no, spare bedroom - no and then, finally, our bedroom. "Ahh" he said, looking round the door, "you've hung a picture!

I said nothing, nor about the picture I had just re-hung!


Mara said...

Oh, I can so relate! My father usually hangs stuff at my place, using big drills, big hammers and the lot. Unfortunately he doesn't have a good eye. So, one day he had to hang some shelves and a colleague of mine had lent him one of those big three-foot spirit levels (mine was a mere ten inches). After a few hours of nearly cursing, he was finished and my mum and I went upstairs to admire the result. The first thing we said was: it isn't level! He insisted though, after all, he had used that big whopping spirit level. So, I got mine out: not level. He then tried with his: not level!

I love him for all the effort he put in, but next time I will do it myself!

Cezar and Léia said...

Take it easy okay dear Anne, so much work for one day! :)
But I imagine your feeling about set up all stuffs, so that good luck!
Léia :)

rosiero said...

Good for you. Greg always used to make a meal out of doing things - not that he didnt want to do them but that they had to be done properly. Everything had to be laid out in advance and a strategy deliberated and reconsidered from every angle. Me - I just thwak a nail in the wall with a hammer.

Maggie May said...

This was just like an episode in our house....... only ours usually ends up with heated arguments.
Husband gets irritated by DIY so easily.
I think you need to pat yourself on the back for patience and tact!

Nuts in May

shopannies said...

My hubby is the official picture hanger in fact anything like that it is official job

Deb said...

aren't men grand

Gill - That British Woman said...

I bought my own little hammer for doing the odd jobs......

Gill in Canada

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Mara - I can sense your frustration!

Leia - I will take your advice.

Rosiero - well yes that is my style too but I do try to make sure it is fairly level!

Maggie - it's taken years of practice!

Shopannies - if I left it just to hubbie, it would just be left.

Deb - what would we do without them!

Gill - good idea.

cheshire wife said...

My husband gets easily bored when asked to hang pictures. So I can sympathise with you on that issue and I have also redone the odd job or two when he is not around.