Friday, 1 January 2010

Once in a Blue Moon

We had a fairly quiet Christmas, well as quiet as it can be with a 5 year old in the house! Our grandaughter woke at 3 am but was persuaded back to sleep and finally surfaced at 7.45 am. Very civilised. We had a lovely Christmas Day and we spent the following few days in our usual way, relaxing, catching up with family and friends and eating and drinking far too much.

OH and I decided quite early on that we would not be going out on New Year's Eve. This is partly because for many, many years OH always worked on New Year's Eve, therefore it is a pleasure for him to be at home. As for me, although in my youth I was as keen to be out "on the town" as the next person, I now dislike being out at New Year and prefer to see it in at home. So, yesterday evening we again had a quiet evening, a few drinks and then at midnight we went out onto our small balcony, listened to the local church bells and watched the firework displays around the coast. To our left we have views of the Quantock Hills, around to Minehead and Exmoor way beyond and on the right we can see across to Cardiff and part of the Welsh coastline. It was a lovely clear night so we were able to see quite a lot, albeit at a distance.

We then sat and watched a film and finally went to bed at 2.15 am. A very late night for us! I woke at 6.30 am! I got up to get a drink of water and then looked out of our front windows. The tide was high and the moon was full, it looked so beautiful. It was the second full moon in the month which I was told very recently is a "blue moon". You learn something every day and it seemed very fitting to witness it on New Year's Day.

I am hoping that the coming year is less stressful than 2009 for me and my family but we will take what comes.

I sincerely wish all that is best too for my blogging friends and hope that you have a happy, healthy,peaceful and prosperous year.


Always smiling said...

Hi Anne

A very Happy New Year and hope that 2010 will be better than the past year for you and your family.
I read back about your son in Australia, it is a lovely country as we too visited last year but gosh it is such a long way away. I can understand your DIL wanting to come back here, families are the ties we never want to break.
I hope all will be well for them. My son and DIL are having problems in West Wales as he is a self employed carphone fitter and although he does other things as well, work has been very short and life has been very hard for them.
Lets all hope 2010 will be the best year ever for our children and us too!!
Hugs Chris x

Always smiling said...

PS I hope you'll be posting pics of your new house sounds as though you have amazing views!
Chris x

Maggie May said...

I think I read about blue moons before. Obviously it is not that common.

Hoping 2010 will prove to be a good year for you and yours.

Nuts in May

Jay said...

We prefer to stay home, too. Haven't been out on New Year's Eve now for about twelve years!

Wishing you a wonderful and stress-free 2010!

Mara said...

For some reason I missed your 'back-home' posts, so I caught up with them now.

I'm happy your son is feeling better, you are feeling better and you've finally moved into your new home properly.

It sounds as if you had a great Christmas and I hope 2010 will be fantastic for you and your family.

Glad to have you back...

JJ said...

Just popped in to wish you snd yours a Very Happy New Year.

Gill - That British Woman said...

well you did better than me, I was in bed at my usual 9pm. I have never seen the New Year in, in years, we don't celebrate it in our house.

Gill in Canada

Minehead, is there a Butlins there?

rosiero said...

Happy New Year to you. I much prefer to be indoors at New Year rather than shivering my buns off.

Pam said...

Happy New Year Anne! You house sounds amazing and your New Years Eve perfect - we did the same.

Denise said...

The Blue Moon was a good omen to start this decade. Your New Year's Eve at home sounded idyllic. We spent ours quietly, just the two of us. No desire to go out and party. We welcomed in the New Year and then went to bed. Happy New Year to you Anne and may 2010 be full of happiness for you all.

SquirrelQueen said...

Glad to hear you had a great Christmas and New Years. We stayed at home too, a nice quiet celebration.

Happy New Year,


Happy New Year Anne - I hope it's a great year for you and that view over towards sounds very cheery. Next time I'm in Cardiff, I'll give you a big wave :-) xxx

P.S. Is it awful to admit I fell asleep before 12pm. Ended up snoozing on my hubby's shoulder while he was watchig Jools Holland's Hootenany

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Always smiling - thank you for your good wishes. My best to you also. I hope to be able to post pics quite soon now.

Maggie - I wish you all the very best too.

Jay - We prefer quiet New Years now!

Mara - good to see you and all best wishes to you for 2010.

JJ - thank you for your good wishes. Hope the year ahead is a good one for you too.

Gill - yes there is a Butlins at Minehead!

Rosiero - have to agree with you there!

Pam - hope 2010 is a good year for you all.

Denise - hope you too have a wonderful year.

Judy - and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

Karen - I'll keep a look out for you!

My thanks and good wishes to you all. A x