Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Sky looks full of Something!

"The sky looks full of something"!

No sooner were the words out of my mouth yesterday than the snow began to fall. A real snowstorm, thick snowflakes.

OH and I had taken my mother and driven a few miles to a favourite restaurant for lunch yesterday and just as we arrived the snow began. We joked that if we were to get "snowed in" at least there would be plenty to eat. However, we didn't hang about, once our meal was over we immediately made our way back home. By then the snow had stopped and soon there were blue skies again. Phew!

The weather forecast later though predicted heavy snowfalls for our area, but we were slightly doubtful that it would affect us too much as we live on the coast and rarely get more than a dusting of snow, most years none at all. However when I woke at about 1.30 am and peered out of the window I saw that we had indeed had quite a covering. This morning when I got up it was still snowing and we had had several centimetres.

Me and my big mouth! I should learn to "keep mum".

When I was on holiday in Australia recently, one day I wandered into an "Alpaca" shop. Not selling the actual animals but garments made of the wool. The lady behind the counter was knitting some of the yarn and greeted me with "where are you from"? I told her and she asked if I was visiting family for Christmas. I replied that I was leaving the following week so would be at home for the festivities. "So you'll be going back to snow then" she smiled. I disappointed her when I replied that it was very unlikely and said that although last year we did have snow in January and February it was rarely a "white Christmas". "In fact", I told her, "the part of the country where I live we rarely get snow anyway". She then said that she had always thought that all of England was covered in snow at Christmas, so that was her "Christmas card" picture of the UK dashed! Oh well. If she had been watching international news a couple of weeks later she would have seen that there was widespread snow in the UK and probably wondered if I had known what I was talking about!

So here we are - 6 January and almost the whole of the UK is covered in snow, our area included!

It is still snowing, a real snowstorm with thick snowflakes and the sky still looks full of something!


Cezar and Léia said...

Happy 2010 sweet Anne!
Cute words today!
I think snow is also romantic! :)
God bless you

Maggie May said...

All this snow looks lovely on a post card.
Blasted stuff! I hate it with a passion.
Seems that the country comes to a standstill when it falls.
We have no transport...... no gritted side roads or pavements. Other countries must be laughing their heads off at our inefficiency & lack of planning.
Scotland has run out of grit/salt. Really........ what is the world coming to?

Nuts in May

Pam said...

my mum lives in Southport and always says "we never get snow on the coast" - until this year! It's been great to see all the pictures on the BBC and listen to friends complaining about transport. I suppose I've got used to it over here in Ohio where we typically have it from December until March.
You have to admit - It does make the English landscape look pretty! X

Deb said...

lots of cold weather all over this year...we will be in the low teens tonight....

rosiero said...

It's been snowing non-stop here since 10pm last night and it looks like it is set to keep on for hours more yet!

Mara said...

We've got more on the way as well! Especially during the weekend...

cheshire wife said...

I have just been catching up with your blog. What a diificult end to 2009 you had. I hope that 2010 will be better for you.

The snow started here yesterday aftenoon while I was visiting my mother and I had a challenging drive home. I don't understand why snow brings the country to a standstill. When I was a child, growing up in Yorkshire, we had snow every winter. I never had a day off school because of it and my father never missed a day off work.

Winifred said...

Funny that isn't it. I remember lots of snow when I was young just like now. I only hope we get the lovely summers I keep harping on about.

Ladybird World Mother said...

Snow here too... all of us off school and eating our way through the fridge. Help. We need more food! Hope you are keeping warm. xxx

Anonymous said...

...saw it on the News how much snow you guys got over there. We are kinda used to it, but now I think its enough,lol!
Happy 2010!

Jay said...

When I was a young child, I almost expected there to be glitter in the snow when it fell, because it was always stuck to the snow scenes on Christmas cards! Such is the power of such things. LOL!

Most of the UK is under snow, but we only have a sprinkling here. We've been very lucky. However, supplies such as heating oil aren't getting through so easily, depending on where they come from.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Cezar and Leia - lovely to hear from you - Happy 2010.

Maggie - It is irritating that the powers that be never seem to have contingency plans.

Pam - it is pretty but bitingly cold. Hope your folks are OK.

Debs - it is very widespread this year.

Rosiero - hope you keep warm and that your Mum is OK.

Mara - hope you don't have to dig yourself out!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

CW - It is strange that we seem to be "caught out" each time it snows.

Winifred - lovely to hear from you - I'm looking forward to summer too. Hope we get one!

LWM - I actually quite like it. Lovely to see the children (young and old ones) having fun.

StrawberryAnn - yes enough is enough!

Jay - we are right beside the sea and have had loads of snow this year. And it is sparkling.

Keep warm everyone - A x

Hadriana's Treasures said...

I must admit that I am in love with all this snow. It looks magical outside and I've never really experienced it properly in my life. We always lived on the coast where it never fell or if it never lasted long. So I'm really enthralled by it all!

JJ said...

Even here in Torbay we have snow and could not get out in our car until yesterday.
Today it is SO cold with an east wing blowing and this area is called The English Riviera!

Gill - That British Woman said...

so its all your fault that Britain is in a deep freeze..........LOL

Keep warm,

Gill in Canada

A Heron's View said...

That landmark is it Brent Knoll ?
I have not seen it for years, though it is a case of once seen never forgotten
A Happy New Year to you.