Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Bob's Civic Award

Sunday went well. We drove to our local Church which is situated on the sea front, as we had a parking place allocated to us! The afternoon was fine and sunny if a trifle breezy. I had decided against a hat but there were plenty to be seen. And lots of regalia, worn both by our local councillors and visiting dignitaries from the towns with which we are twinned. And the Town Crier was there, also resplendent.

The service took about an hour - we had several hymns, the first couple of which I felt the congregation weren't terribly familiar (myself and Bob included) but then we sang 'Jerusalem' and finished with the National Anthem (2 verses) and, as both are so well known, they were rendered with great gusto!

The presentations were made about half way through the service - five in all - to the various nominees who have worked so hard for the community over many years. They each received a pin badge and a framed certificate. One award was made posthumously. The intended recipient had been aware of his nomination but sadly died before he was able to receive it. His widow was there on his behalf and I thought how brave she was.

A surprise announcement was that our mayor and his mayoress had been married the previous day so they got a hearty round of applause.

After the service and a 'photo call' we all made our way to the civic hall for afternoon tea - sandwiches, vol au vents, etc followed by strawberries and cream, scones and cakes. Delicious.

Bob received plenty of congratulatory hand shakes and pats on the back, as did the other award winners. All very well deserved.

We made our way home at around 5.30 pm. It had been a memorable afternoon.


Fern said...

Sounds like a really lovely day to remember for both of you and so nice for Bob to have his hard work recognised.
I have to confess I am not a regular church goer but when I do, the hymns are always seem a bit obscure.

rosiero said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day and Bob was rewarded for his hard work.

Gill - That British Woman said...

That sounds like a perfect day, and so British...........sort of makes me miss Britain. Its good that your dh was thanked for all his hard work. Well done to him. I don't suppose you saved a scone for me did you?

Gill in Canada

Denise said...

What a lovely time of it and congratulations to your dear hubby.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Fern, Rosiero, Gill and Denise - we usually only go to church for family occasions and Christmas so are unfamilar with a lot of hymns now. It was good for Bob to have been recognised in this way, though he has never looked for reward, just believes in what he does and loves being involved. The occasion was very British and comforting somehow, so a lovely thing to do.

Thanks to you all.

A x

Maggie May said...

Very memorable by the sound of it!


Hi Anne - huge congrats to Bob. Sounds like you had an amazing time. A lovely insight to a special occasion...which is why I've got an award waiting for you over at The Rubbish Diet...when you get a chance, pop over and pick it up ;-D

Retiredandcrazy said...

Well, what can I say, we are in the presence of the great and good. Congratulations to you both because, as they say, behind every great man is someone picking up the pieces.

Jay said...

Congratulations to Bob! It sounds like a marvellous day for him, and for you too!

How lovely to have one's efforts recognised!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

D - thank you for your congrats to Bob and a thank you for my award too. What a surprise. I will pop in and collect.

Maggie May - and we have a photo for the album too!

RAC - thank you and you are so right!

Jay - thank you also for your congratulations.

A xxxx

Millennium Housewife said...

That was a lovely post, and yes, very british! MH

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Thank you MH. A

cheshire wife said...

Well done to Bob. It sounds like a lovely afternoon.