Saturday, 16 August 2008

"Perhaps he'll fall"

A couple of weeks ago when our daughter and her 4 year old had been with us for the weekend, I was preparing to leave with them to stay for a few days to help decorate my grandaughter's bedroom. On hearing that I would be going as well the conversation with her mummy went like this:

Imogen - "Is Grandad Bob coming as well"?

Mummy - "no, just Nanny"

Imogen - "what if he's lonely - perhaps he'll fall"

My daughter assured her that he would be fine and we set off - and he was fine.

Today he went off to Malvern for the weekend to do the show he set off to do last week!

And no, I won't be lonely but my grandaughter's remark came back to me when, stepping from the utility room back into the kitchen, I tripped and measured my length across the floor. I wasn't hurt and had to smile again at the wisdom of the young.



Lindsay said...

Glad you were Ok after fall. I am constantly on the alert as my terrible knees (held together with a lot of metalwork) would probably fall apart. I last fell in the swimming pool - someone had left a pair of translucent flipflops peeking out from under a sunbed. I went hurling into a doorway, hit my head and neck and then knees buckled gently to the ground. I actually got up laughing as nobody was around to watch!

Fern said...

I am glad you didn't hurt yourself too.
Last time my husband was away I fell on the concrete stable yard and just bruised myself but it did cross my mind then, what would have happened if I had hit my head.

Sandi McBride said...

So no harm done glad...of course I do silly things like fall up the steps, trip over my own feet and I stopped mirror waxing the floors long ago because of my inborn clumsiness...perhaps he'll fall, Granddaughter always worries more about her Grandpa than me...guess she knows he's a big baby, lol!


Phew that was lucky and am glad you're okay...must be the time of year I'd say. There I was on holiday last week, coming out of the tourist information office in a very busy French town.... with huge audience to the left, right and my hubby and kids with front row seats. Suddenly my foot gave way on the bottom step. I picked myself up like a very proud cat and with my head held high, hobbled over to my family for sympathy.

Aren't children great by the way. They say the most gorgeous things.

:-D x

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Lindsay and Fern - I think you do have to laugh at yourself if unhurt, but it did make me extra careful for a while as I'm here on my own until tomorrow.

Sandi and D - yes children's comments are priceless sometimes, bless their hearts. If I do ever trip or stumble in public I'm always reminded of Dick Emery - do you remember him?

And I've just remembered another incident - but that will have to be for another post.

A xxxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

glad you're alright, but will keep checking in here just to make sure...LOL


cheshire wife said...

Pleased that you are alright. These things generally happen when we are not concentrating. If you hadn't been thinking about your grand daughter's comment you probably would not have fallen.

Denise said...

I'm glad you're okay too but I can relate, as I have fallen quite a bit, five times one winter. The last one was back in April and my ankle is still not right and consequently my hips are hurting because I am overcompensating. Usually I fall when I am tired and I guess that goes hand in hand with the concentration thing. Yes, out of the mouths of babes, you have a very dear little grandchild there. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Pam said...

I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself.
I have some good news fo you - you won my book contest!!! Wife in te North said she'd send you a signed copy of the book so I'll contact her and ask her how she wants to get it to you. Congrats!!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Pam - thank you so much - wow - can't think of what else to say. A x

The Dotterel said...

Sally - daddy, if you don't tie up your shoe-lace, you might trip; me - I know, I'll do it in a... THUMP! Sally - told you you'd trip, daddy.

Pam said...

I spoke by email with Wifey today. She said she needs your mailing address so she can send you the book. You can either email it to me and I'll pass it on ( or contact her direct through her blog
Pam X
ps: my gmail address has a "h" missing on purpose