Thursday, 7 August 2008

A Senior Moment

Bob is semi retired - really can't see him being anything else either. However before he decided to slow down a bit he had been working for a local, family run, leisure park, had been with them for about 25 years and latterly spent most of the time promoting the park and their adjoining holiday caravan site. Some of his work took him to exhibitions and I got used to him having to go off for a few days at a time, usually Thursday to Sunday. When he decided on "retirement" he was asked if he would continue some of the promotion work, so about 6 times a year he goes off to various shows.

This weekend was scheduled for Malvern. We had to decline a party invitation because he was away (I don't really know the host so it was not one I would go to alone). He prepared in the usual way and set off at about mid-day Thursday. We joked about him remembering to take his weekend case as one time when he went I had got home from work to find his case on the landing, telephoned to ask his whereabouts and he was 2 hours drive away, so he had to make a quick trip to Tesco to buy the necessary!

My mum was round to lunch and we were sat chatting at about 2pm when the phone rang -

Bob - "Its me, guess what"

Me - "what"

Bob - "I've just arrived at the showground - the show is next week"

Me - "you s**** s**"

He had done the 2 hour drive and arrived at the ground to discover his mistake. He had copied down last year's dates into his diary and yes, the show is next week. He went on to the hotel he had booked to explain and they sympathised and booked him in for next Thursday and Friday but can't help on Saturday. Well that's OK thinks Bob, because that night is Peter's 40th birthday party (Peter is his son) so he will drive home for that and go back to Malvern early on Sunday!

He arrived back home at about 5 pm, grinning from ear to ear! And we have rung the host of Saturday night's party and accepted their invitation after all. Now, what shall I wear ........


Lindsay said...

Now that Husband is fully retired we share a diary and so far we have not become tangled up with dates but I find his cryptic entries a bit confusing. A couple of weeks ago I discovered that 'golf - ?'actually meant we were hosting a BBQ for his golfing friends that very evening!

Pam said...

Okay, now I know a lot of rude words but I'm stumped. What is s****s**? The added bonus is that next time YOU do something ridiculous and absentnminded he can't say anything!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Lindsay - and that would have thrown me as well - I hope he did the cooking. A x

Pam - if I'm truthful I'd say we are about equal on the senior moment score - it was just his turn! the ** are in place of illy od. Not really rude but I do have my moments. A x

Denise said...

Hi Anne, that did make me laugh. I have been there, done that, and so has dh. When you mentioned the Malverns is that near Worcestershire? My sister and husband used to live near there and I remember climbing up a steep hill with them on one visit, the Malvern Hills? It's been so long ago now, 25 years or so, but it was a beautiful walk.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Hello Denise - thanks for popping in. Yes it is the Malverns in Worcestershire and it is beautiful. Recently we were in Upton on Severn, on a lunch time boat trip, taking part in the ruby anniversary celebrations of our son's in-laws and one of our daughters lives in Stratford upon Avon, so we're often in those parts. A

cheshire wife said...

We haven't quite got to the 'senior moment' stage of life but we still manage to forget things and muddle things up. Not sure what it is called at our age.