Thursday, 21 August 2008

Catching up

I had arranged to meet a friend for coffee on Monday. We have both lived in this area for nearly 40 years but have been friendly for only a relatively short time, first meeting when we attended the same evening class, learning together how to make sugar flowers. We are a similar age and have retirement, children, grandchildren and hobbies in common. Her health isn't too good but she is always cheerful and funny and great company.

We met at a local Cafe which is small and friendly and usually busy, that day being no exception. Run by a couple of 'girls' of similar age (40-ish), with the help of several part time staff, it offers freshly prepared food, cooked to order and there are lovely crisp salads and home made cakes. They do buy their bread, from a little bakery just around the corner, occasionally having to pop out to replenish supplies. They also do 'outside' catering and on Monday had obviously been preparing for such an event and were starting to load platters into a vehicle ready for the off. For a funeral party, we were told. I used the cafe occasionally when I was working and still meet ex-work colleagues there for lunch now and then.

It was very relaxing to sit and chat and catch up for an hour, and we are hoping to do it again before I begin my travels in September. I was very pleased to see her.

After we had gone our separate ways I popped into my former work place to pick up a coffee mug I had forgotten when I left last December and remembered again last week. I'm not being mean - its just that it is a customised mug with a photo of two of my grandchildren on it - therefore has sentimental value for me but would mean nothing to anyone else. Now I can use it at home.

I also took the opportunity to make arrangements with a friend for a curry evening next week, with our respective spouses.

Later in the day Bob and I called in to see his aunt and uncle who had promised us some plums and we came away from them laden with said plums and some tomatoes, leaving a promise from me that they shall have some home made chutney, when ready. I have no qualms about making chutney, really quite enjoy it and have found a recipe for 'hot hedgerow' chutney which sounds worth a go but will mean picking blackberries. I will also be making some piccalilli.

So my list of 'things to do' is growing, but I am also able to cross things out. I'm getting there. Slowly.



Maggie May said...

Oh you are good with the jam and now the chutney. Puts me to shame. Good to have a laugh with friends. You need to do that every now & then.
Lovely grand children.

Sandi McBride said...

I make chow chow, which my family loves with greens (collard greens, similar to Kale) especially. I'm getting ready to make pickled peaches this weekend, gathering my jars and nerve together since it means using the pressure canner! How did your last strawberry jam taste?

Lindsay said...

I upload photos to Photobox - am then able to customise mugs as presents for people - especially when suitable text is added around the mug. We have good laughs with Husbands golfing friends and their wives and I also get a good laugh most days when I go swimming. (help am late and must go swimming NOW) !!!

cheshire wife said...

I don't seem to have the time for making jam and chutney. Perhaps I shall when I retire but for now I am about to go to work. And if I left a mug at work I doubt that it would still be there eight months later - it would have walked!

Suburbia said...

I love the satisfaction of crossing jobs off the list!

(Love jam making too)

Found you at Cheshire Wife's place :)

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Maggie - You are so right about laughter - and thank you - I think my grandchildren are lovely too. I took that particular photo a couple of years ago so have fond memories of that moment.

Sandi - I have heard of chow chow but what is it please? Jam tasted OK thanks.

Lindsay - all this technoloy is amazing isn't it and even more amazing is that I can cope with some of it!

CW - I love making chutney - all that chopping up and simmering - its one of those jobs I can lose myself in.

Hi Surburbia - thanks for popping in - hope you don't mind if I drop in on you.

Thanks to all - A x