Saturday, 31 January 2009

31 January 1942

They met on 3 April 1941. He was in the Royal Air Force, stationed locally, on the South coast and was there, at the pub with his mates, celebrating his 27th birthday. She, just 19, was there with friends. They met and he asked her to go out with him the next night. It was war time and you didn't waste anything in those days, especially time. They got engaged later that year and were married a few months later - on 31 January. She borrowed her elder sister's wedding dress and unable to obtain or afford flowers for a bouquet, she carried a prayer book. Each year, on their anniversary, he bought her flowers.

He was a Geordie and they decided that for their honeymoon they would travel north so that he could introduce her to his family. Married fairly early in the morning there was just time for a couple of photographs to mark the occasion, before they had to catch the train. A troop train which was very slow and very crowded.

When I visited Mum earlier today she asked what date it was. 31 January. She glanced at the clock and said "we would have been on our way to the station now".

My parents' wedding day.

They were married for forty years. My Dad died shortly after their Ruby Wedding Anniversary.


Winifred said...

That is a lovely posting. What a beautiful photo. DOn't they look so young and very happy.

Hard to believe what hardships they lived through and there was no bitterness for the things they didn't have. They were a fantastic generation.

My Mam & Dad were married during the war too, Dad was in the Royal Navy. He was a Geordie too. We live a little bit further down in what used to be part of County Durham. Where was your Dad from?

Mean Mom said...

A lovely photo. There is so much money spent and so much fuss made about weddings, these days. Things were very different when your parents married. Youngsters, nowadays, don't know they're born. ;0)

Maggie May said...

That was a lovely post. Around the time that my Mum & Dad were married.
Life was so different then. No worries about material things. Just be glad if your home was still standing, but more importantly that your loved ones kept safe and that the men folk came home.
We wouldn't wish this to happen again, but life is missing some very important things these days. Materialism has taken over.

rosiero said...

That was lovely. Happy Anniversary to them both, even though he is still not there - he should be remembered.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Oh, I have tears in my eyes...what a beautiful post.....

Gill in Canada

fizzycat said...

So beautiful. I also wish them Happy Anniversary.

cheshire wife said...

Such a lovely story. How many of today's brides would borrow a dress and forgo the flowers? It is all about having a big day now. They have lost sight of what it is all about.

Denise said...

What a lovely story and a smashing photo of your Mom and Dad Anne. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Those old photos and stories told to us are better than gold aren't they?

Mary said...

What a wonderful post! You tell the story so well. What a lovely tribute to both of them.

Jay said...

Oh, what a sweet post! I've heard many stories about romances in war time and they never fail to touch my heart. Such bravery and such hope!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Winifred - I can't remember the area but it was in Newcastle. His family lived in Forest Hall.

Mean Mom - so different from today.

Maggie - very different values in those days.

Rosiero - thank you.

Gill - I'm pleased you liked it.

Fizzycat - thank you also.

CW - no it wouldn't "do" today would it!

Denise - you are right - the old photos are wonderful.

Mary - thank you.

Jay - they were all brave weren't they.

My thanks to you all for your lovely comments - I felt they deserved the tribute. A x

Dusty Spider said...

What a beautiful story. And a reminder of what is really important. Flick xx

Always smiling said...

Well this did make me feel very emotional. My parents married in 1939 just after the war started..and I have no photos of them on the day, I came along in 1942 and my mother died when I was two, he was in the army so I was taken by my grand mother and I saw very little of him as he remarried. I do however have some of them both with me and they are so precious, those photos.
How wonderful that you still have your Mum.
Chris x