Sunday, 18 January 2009

Awards Time

Last week Cheshire Wife very kindly nominated me to receive the above award and I accept with grateful thanks. So to carry on the tradition of passing it on to others, I would like to invite the following fellow bloggers to step up and accept it also.

In no particular order:

Jay at The Depp Effect - her blog is always worth visiting, not least for her humour.

Mean Mom at Mean Moody Middle-aged Mom - again a blog which has the ability to make me laugh out loud.

Pam at Life with our Lads - just because she always has something good to say and because she really does stand out in a crowd!

Mary at Faith, fabric and photos - because she posts such superb and beautiful photos of birds and other wildlife, which are always a joy to see.

Karen at The Rubbish Diet - for her enthusiasm for trying to make us all understand and strive to reach zero waste.

Do hope they will accept.


Mean Mom said...

I just couldn't get over here fast enough! Do I have no shame? Don't answer that!

Thank you so much Strawberry Jam Anne. It's a real honour to receive an award such as this. My only regret is that we didn't come across each other earlier.

Mary said...

Thank you, so much! This is very nice of you and after checking out the other blogs mentioned, I'm honored!

Jay said...

Oh, thank you!! I am honoured! And I will go check out the other blogs, too!

Thanks, Anne! :D

Winifred said...

What no blubbering like Kate Winslett! Just gracious acceptances. Now why couldn't she do it like that?


Anne - thank you so much. What a fantastic surprise. I am really honoured. I have pleasure in accepting it graciously and pass it on to some lovely bloggers. Karen x

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Well done on the award! I enjoy reading your blog SJA. Will keep in touch and be back for more! Hx