Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Ten Things Beginning with B

Here is a "getting to know you game" devised by a fellow blogger. The "rules" are set out below.

1. Leave a comment on this blog and I will assign you a letter.
2. Write about ten things you love that begin with said letter.
3. Post the list on your blog.
4. When people comment on your list, you assign them a letter, and the game continues.

Gill - That British Woman has assigned me the letter 'B' so here goes:

1. Books - I love books of all kinds. I really enjoy reading the classics and novels and occasionally biographies but my bookshelves also hold the following:

A fair amount of cookery books, and books about cake decorating.
Gardening books, including those about ponds and wildlife.
Bird recognition
Poetry books
Childrens books - these include some of my own when I was a child, which are now about 60 years old!
Many other types, including travel books and atlases, picture books etc.

I always bought my children lots of books and now with homes of their own, they also have many on their shelves. I am delighted too that my grandchildren are already avid readers.

2. Birds - Love to watch the birds in our garden and entice them by feeding them an assortment of seeds and fruit. We now get quite a variety visiting and I am hopeful of nests in the garden again this year.

3. Butterflies - Always love to see them and there are quite a few of their favourite shrubs and flowers in our garden, including wild flowers.

4. Bees - As with butterflies we try to encourage bees with the planting in the garden. I love to see the way they crowd onto some of their favourite flowers.

5. Baking - I really enjoy baking cakes. I am not too successful with pastry - it's always a bit hit or miss with me. But cakes are different. Cakes of all kinds, but particularly celebration cakes which I then have fun decorating.

6. Bath - We live about 1 hour's drive from the city of Bath which is lovely as a lot of you will know. Actually haven't been there for quite a while - perhaps this spring or summer. I also love to have a soak in the bath. Shower mostly but occasionally a bath is just what is needed.

7. Birthdays - I love birthdays. I hope to see many, many more of my own but also enjoy the birthdays of family and friends. They are days for celebration.

8. Blogging - Began blogging during the summer of 2008 and was not at all certain what I would make of it. Had no experience of it beforehand and had to find my way through all that it entails, from setting up the blogsite to giving and receiving awards! It truly is another world and one I love to visit.

9. The Beach. I was born in a house that overlooked Chesil Beach and I have been lucky enough to have lived within a short distance of the coast most of my life. I love to walk along the beach, paddling in the water if the weather is warm enough, though it is many years since I have walked on Chesil Beach.

10. Bluebells - pretty flowers, I have them growing in the garden but particularly love to see them growing in the woods.

So there you have 10 of my favourite things beginning with the letter B. As I mentioned above, if you would like to have a go at this, leave a comment and I will be pleased to assign you a letter.


Mary said...

Great post and lots of nice things to know about you. I was assigned a B by someone, too and forgot about it, so I'd better start thinking!

Gill - That British Woman said...

excellent answers, was it easy to think of those ten things?

Gill in Canada

Always smiling said...

Hi Anne,

I loved your 10 'Bs' Some lovely thoughts, thank you for reminding me of the simpler things in life that give us joy. I was born near the sea in Porthcawl S Wales and being here now in the Midlands I miss it!
Chris x

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Mary - thanks for kind comment. I will look out for your list of 10 B's. A x

Gill - Thanks for the letter, the first 7 or 8 came fairly easily but then had to put my thinking cap on! A x

Chris - Glad you liked my list - you didn't say whether you wanted to take part! A x

Pam said...

Hi Anne,
I liked your list and it's just how i imagine you!
I bet your garden is lovely.

Dusty Spider said...

This is an interesting one. Can I have a go please? Flick xx