Sunday, 15 February 2009

In and around the garden this week

I have been taking some photos in and around the garden this week and I think Spring is definitely on its way.

The pictures of the birds and the squirrel were taken from indoors so they are not a wonderful quality. Click on each picture for more detail.

One of the squirrels that visit sitting in the maple tree - lots of buds forming there.

A blackbird and a long-tailed tit in the same tree.

Bathtime for a blue tit

and this great tit has found a peanut

Robin posing!

Mr B enjoying a piece of apple.

The birds seem to be pairing off already and there are a few ruffled feathers out there as they argue about territory!

The fern has stayed this bright colour all winter - new shoots beneath I think.

The hellebore is struggling to flower in spite of the cold weather.

and finally, the snowdrops are now fully out - lovely!

No, it won't be long now.


Lindsay said...

Signs of spring at last! I am amazed that our crocuses in pots near our front door are just about to open and the roses have lots of healthy buds.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Lindsay - it is amazing isn't it - reassuring too. A

Gilly said...

Those are beautiful photos! Our bird feeders are just a wee bit too far away for photography, at least with my camera. My husband takes better pics, especially with his camcorder.

Hurry up Spring!

Winifred said...

Lovely photos and they certainly give you some heart.

Thanks for these Anne.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Amazing snaps of the wildlife and the be-yoot-ti-ful flowers in your garden. Thank you Strawberry Jam Anne.....I feel like I visited with you in your garden this week :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Maggie May said...

Oh I LOVE those photos.
I wonder what that blackbird found. Was it an apple?

Morgan Mandel said...

Those are great bird photos. Yes, they do give me hope for Spring.

Morgan Mandel

Babooshka said...

I miss squirrels. None on the island. We see to be feeding 3 times as many birds in our garden this year.


Gorgeous photos. Most definitely cheered my day :-D x

Mean Mom said...

Your photos are just great. Long tailed tits? Is this what I've seen flitting about in my garden, just recently, then? They move very quickly. There is always more than one and they are so fast that I can't get a really close look at them, but they certainly look very similar.

Lovely to see your snowdrops. Mine have dwindled a little each year, unfortunately. It is either due to the wet soggy clay in winter, or to the fact that I have planted so much other stuff, they simply can't get through!

Jay said...

You've managed to get some great shots through your window! You might get better contrast if you get your lens right up close to the glass, but of course, that might give you away to your visitors.

Our snowdrops are just about out, too!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Gilly, Winifred and Reggie Girl - thanks for comments - glad you liked the photos. A x

Maggie - pleased you liked the photos. Yes it was apple. I often quarter an apple and throw out for the birds and the squirrel likes to hold a piece between his front feet, sits up and nibbles away at it. A x

Morgan and Babooshka - thanks for dropping in and leaving your kind comments. A

Mrs A - Glad you enjoyed - always glad to help! A x

Mean Mom - you could well have long tailed tits. We only see them at this time of the year, usually in groups and they do move quickly. Maybe the clay soil is the reason your snowdrops are dwindling, ours is good but where they are growing is very wet. A x

Jay - thanks for the tip - will try it, either that or just try sitting and waiting in the garden. Except that then it will be just one click and they'll be gone. Great to see the snowdrops isn't it? A x

Fern said...

Lovely photos and to see wonderful signs of spring. It is interesting to see our gardens are at the same stage though I bet yours overtakes mine before long!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Fern - it is lovely to see all things budding. You are probably right about us overtaking you before too long - a little warmer here! A x

cheshire wife said...

It is good to see that your garden is coming to life. Our garden is not so advanced and is still looking a bit desolate.

Denise said...

You got some great photos here Anne. Loved them and I enjoyed my walk :) Thanks for stopping by. I didn't think rehearsal dinners were a thing over there and yes, we mums have a few things in common don't we ;)