Thursday, 5 February 2009

Time and Tide

Yesterday I decided to walk to the local shops. There was no pressing reason to go but we were nearly out of toothpaste, I wanted some peanuts for the birds and squirrels and also to go to the bank and a walk would do me good. The weather was very cold but dry so I wrapped up and set off. It took me 20 minutes to get there and I very soon completed my errands. On the homeward journey I decided to walk along the beach. The tide was out and a few people were already there walking their dogs.

I used to walk along in the opposite direction on my way to work some mornings. I occasionally met up with a work colleague and we would stride along the beach together. She mostly went that way whereas I usually went via the park. However, one morning I decided I would go the beach route. I met my friend on her way to see her mother. She was later than usual that day, so I went on alone. When I arrived at the beach I realised that the tide was up higher than usual so had to make the decision as to whether it was going out or coming in! I had a good look along the beach, saw one or two dog walkers there and also saw that the sand higher up the beach was damp so decided the tide was on its way out. I set off.

I hadn't gone very far when I realised my mistake, the tide was coming in!! Now what to do. If I went back I would be late for work but if I went on the tide might reach me before I reached the steps to dry land. I decided to hurry on. I got to the steps just as the water reached them and got away with being splashed. I had kept glancing behind me to see if my friend was following but there was no sign of her.

I arrived at work in good time and about 10 minutes later she came in, laughing. Had she got wet? Yes, a little - she had been caught by some of the waves and her feet were wet.

Foolhardy? - yes I think we were. I would never take such a risk again. I hope my friend doesn't either.


rosiero said...

I think quite a few people get caught out that way. You were lucky!

Maggie May said...

Oh that was a near squeak! Please be careful in the future!

Pam said...

Hi Anne,
This sounds a bit bizarre but I've had a recurring nightmare for years about that very scenario!!
Please be careful woman!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Rosiero, Maggie and Pam

Thanks for comments.

I certainly learned a lesson that day. I'm usually fairly cautious and will take no such risks in future. A x

Denise said...

I've learned that lesson too Anne. I did exactly the same thing when I lived in Paignton. My friends and I were caught and boxed in by the tide, so we had to climb up a cliff to safety. I've never been so scared in my life as I also hate heights but I was more afraid of the sea. I don't think I could do it now, scale that cliff, but I was in my early 20's back then, thin and nimble, and I climbed in record speed - ha!

cheshire wife said...

A timely reminder that nature is more powerful that we are. Glad that you weren't caught out.

Mean Mom said...

Ooh, nasty. I would never take a chance like that, because I can't swim! Glad you were OK!