Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Magnificent McQueen

Dear Blogging Friends

You are going to have to indulge me here today, if you read this post.

Yesterday evening I watched "The Magnificent Seven" on TV for the umpteenth time! I love the film, I love all the characters in it but, mostly, I watch it to see Steve McQueen.

I first saw him in "The War Lover" in the early sixties and was mesmerized by his amazing screen presence from the first moment. It has been that way ever since. That particular film was shot in the UK and apparently, during the time he was over here he visited Bovington Tank Museum which is only a stone's throw from where I lived then (so close)!

As well as the cast in "The Magnificent Seven" I have admired many other "stars" (male and female*), too numerous to mention really but including Cary Grant, Paul Newman, Humphrey Bogart and Gordon McCrae and more recently the very handsome and charming George Clooney and the brilliant Johnny Depp.

This year on 24 March, had he lived, Steve McQueen would have had his 80th birthday (imagine that), but sadly he died of cancer at the tragically young age of 50. I still recall where I was when I heard that news.

"The King of Cool" still remains at the top of my "A" list and for me - on screen - he delivers every time!

So there you have it, my tribute to my favourite Hollywood "Legend".

* I may blog about my favourite female stars soon.


jabblog said...

He certainly had a very mesmeric screen presence.

joo said...

I like this film too and I've always admired Steve McQueen!

Von said...

Yep he was a winner.And Johnny Depp in Alice.

SquirrelQueen said...

I have always been a Steve McQueen fan. He was great in The Magnificent Seven with another favorite of mine Yul Brenner.

Maggie May said...

Somethings ...... I never tire of seeing over & over again.

Nuts in May

Denise said...

I enjoyed this post Anne. The Magnificent Seven was a favorite of mine too, and I was always a Steve McQueen fan. My Dad and I used to watch many of his movies together. I have a few more favorites, some you have already mentioned. Audie Murphy comes to mind too, another old time favorite of mine. We watched a lot of westerns in our house ;) I once had a temp job when I first came to the states, with a documentary movie company and Yul Brynner was the narrator of one to do with the navy. I had to leave before I met him. As you say, so close! Denise x

Pam said...

I agree - he was just so charismatic wasn't he. I could watch The Great Escape over and over with him throwing that ball in his own cool way. I haven't seen the Magnificent 7 in years - so will have to rent it again soon. I seem to remember it having just the best theme music ..

Kitty said...

I think the Magnificent Seven is a wonderful film - for me James Coburn steals it. He was gorgeous in that.

I can't believe it's 30 years since Steve McQueen died ... crikey, where does time go?


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Jabblog - he certainly did.

Joo - Both great.

Von - Johnny Depp is marvellous.

SquirrelQueen - yes I liked Yul Brynner as well.

Maggie - some things are just like that aren't they.

Denise - my dad loved westerns too and so does my husband so that is good. What a disappointment not to see Yul Brynner.

Pam - another favourite film of mine.

Kitty - time just flies by doesn't it. James Coburn was excellent in the film too.