Saturday, 6 March 2010

Time for Bed

I have been thinking about my son quite a bit this week, probably because it was his birthday on Thursday and of course, he is so far away. I thought right back to his young days, what a beautiful baby he was and then on through the various phases of his life up to his decision to emigrate, with his family, to Australia. We keep in close touch and I have been lucky enough to visit them quite frequently during the six years they have been there.

The photo is of him and our cat Susie, taken at around 1976 when he would have been about 8 years old. At that time, Son used to suffer with migraine headaches and I would have to help him to bed, darken his room as much as possible and just let him sleep. He grew out of them after a few years thank goodness. That particular day I had gone to see if he was OK and found that Susie had tucked herself into bed with him. I took the picture to show him later.

A few months ago I suddenly thought about a poem he had learned at school. I could only recall the first line though and wasn't sure who had written it. I remember clearly him telling me that he had learned the poem and he recited it for me, grinning as he got to the end. A very fond memory for me. So, yesterday I "Googled" the rememberd first line - and here it is.

Bedtime by Eleanor Farjeon

Five minutes, five minutes more, please! Let me stay five minutes more!
Can't I just finish the castle I'm building on the floor?
Can't I just finish the story I'm reading here in my book?
Can't I just finish my bead-chain-- it almost is finished, look!
Can't I just finish this game, please? When a game's once begun
It's a pity never to find out whether you've lost or won.
Can't I just stay five minutes? Well, can't I stay just four?
Three minutes, then? Two minutes? Can't I stay one minute more?

I love the poem, hope you do too.


Mara said...

I love the photo, so sweet. And the poem is sweet as well. So, basically it's a sweet post!

Monalisa said...

Lovely photo

Pam said...

What a wonderful post Anne. The picture of your son and the fact that he's so far away choked me up a bit. X

Von said...

Ah yes the lovely days of childhood.Some of the sweetest things can come later too when they're grown.

Denise said...

What a precious memory. Lovely post! I think we mum's can relate. I tried to comment yesterday by the way, but after unsuccessfully retrying several times, I suddenly realized my Internet had gone off line :) Glad I can come back as I did enjoy this and I leave with a smile :) Have a great week Anne. Denise x

Maggie May said...

Great photo. Wretched things those migraines. I know from experience.

Nuts in May

Cezar and Léia said...

Cute photo. Luna likes to sleep at Léia's feet... :)
God bless you!

joo said...

Beautiful post Anne, he looks so sweet with the cat in his arms.It's ashame that our little boys grow so fast, isn't it?

Gill - That British Woman said...

I have been wanting to look through old photos myself recently, thanks for the reminder why.....

Gill in Canada

Ladybird World Mother said...

Photo, poem.. both so lovely. Got a bit choked up in this post... so beautifully written. Must be awful to be so far away from your boy. MUST remember to print out that poem... we could use that at our preschool... its gorgeous! xx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sweet post!!!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Everybody has said it before but I'll say it again - great photo, marvellous memory and wonderful poem. He seems like my little boy -good sense of humour, caring and always cheerful no matter what! I'm so glad you can travel to be with them...they sound very caring!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Mara - thanks you for that.

Monalisa - It is one of my favourites.

Pam - thank you so much. The picture always makes me smile.

Von - yes, you are right, and I have lot to be thankful for.

Denise - glad you back on line again. Yes I think it is a "Mum" thing, remembering all those treasured times.

Maggie - they are awful - so glad he grew out of them.

Leia - cats like to cuddle and be warm, don't they.

Joo - it doesn't seem so long since he was a little boy - but he was 42 last week!

Gill - hope you find the photo you are looking for.

LWM - so pleased you liked it. I think it is gorgeous too.

StrawberryAnn - thank you so much.

Hadriana - thank you for your kind comment - I have been lucky to be able to see them as often as I have.

Lovely comments everyone - thank you so much. A x

cheshire wife said...

I think that poem still applies today!

Mary said...

Love the poem....I can remember feeling that way, only with me it was usually "just one more chapter, or one more page" of whatever book I was reading! Happy Birthday to your son and what a very nice post.

Jay said...

Animals do seem to know when we need a little extra comfort, don't they? Bless!

The poem is sweet, too!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Yes, I most certainly love the poem.

And the photo too.

And am so glad he grew out of those terrible headaches. -happy sigh-

And I'm so glad I told you, how cute your blog name is... And thus we got to know each other. :-)

Gentle hugs...