Tuesday, 2 November 2010

ABC Wednesday - P

Pandas After The Earthquake in China - click on each picture to enlarge it.

The earthquake was right in the area where giant pandas live.
Most pandas in this area were rescued, particular attention was given to the babies, all the pandas were scared. The photos were taken right after earthquake and during rescue effort care. All the pandas were released back into the wild and it was noted that all of the bears stayed together.

People rescuing pandas

Giving them milk-

After meal

Look at these babies!

Staying here maybe safer...

These pictures are too cute to not share ... don't you agree?

All these photos were sent to me in an email recently so I have no idea who the photographer is.

For more looks at the letter P, please click here. Thanks go to Mrs Denise Nesbitt and her team who host ABC Wednesday each week.


Leslie: said...

These are delightful photos and I'm so glad you shared them. Those pandas must have been terrified and lucky that people came to their rescue.

Francesca Di Leo said...

aw. how adorable are they. can i take one home please. i love the pic of the two lying down in the living room next to the toy tetter-totter.

Paula Scott said...

OMG-how incredibly adorable those pandas are! I agree! Too cute not to share!
Just think of all the smiles you're bringing to our faces.

Sylvia K said...

Panda are indeed so adorable and what fun photos! Great post for the P Day, Anne! And, yes, this is too cute not to share! Thanks for the giggles and smiles for the day! Enjoy your day!


Pam said...

Awww, I love these pictures!
Yes - do NaBloPoMo!!! I would read every day I promise! X

Mara said...

Aaaaahhhhhh, they look so cute! You were so right to share, they are gorgeous.

Gramma Ann said...

Pandas really are so cute. I am glad they were rescued and survived and returned to the wild. It's nice to know they stayed together, kind of like a little Panda family. Thanks for sharing that lovely story.

Kay L. Davies said...

I love those panda pictures. I've seen them before, and I think someone was having you on about all these pandas being released into the wild and staying together.
They were all rescued from the Wolong Panda Sanctuary in Chengdu, which was near the epicenter of the quake. Wolong had a dozen or more youngsters in their nursery at the time, as well as adult pandas.
I have a daily "panda alert" on my e-mail, so I get all the news stories about pandas when things happen. The pandas who were released into the wild were three pregnant females, released into an area set up with observation cameras beforehand, so that if any had trouble, they could be helped.
Thank you, however, for choosing one of my favorite subjects for P day at ABC Wednesday. Pandas are the poster children for endangered species conservation and much is being learned about them and from them. A wonderful choice, Anne.
-- Kay

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Maggie May said...

I was absolutely taken with these pictures and the text explaining everything.
What a unique post. Brilliant.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

joo said...

I'm enchanted! They are so cute creatures, so sweet - like fluffy toys:)
Great 'P' post Anne. Thank you:)

Wanda said...

You have some of the best Panda pictures I've ever seen.

So glad someone was there to care for them.

photowannabe said...

Awwww....now these are too cute. Drinking from baby bottles and the one sitting in the V of the tree...priceless!

Gill - That British Woman said...

those are such cute photos..

Gill in Canada

Rinkly Rimes said...

Playful Pictorial Pandas!

Teresa~ Gardening with Soule said...

Sooo cute. Great P photos. Is there anything cuter than a pandabear?

Roger Owen Green said...

these ARE cuties,and I'm glad they are ok.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Pratibha The Talent said...

very delightful photos of panda.

Cezar and Léia said...

Once I have the opportunity to see a real panda in the Washington Zoo, I need to say I'm in love for these delicate and so sweet critters!This reportage is fantastic, thanks for sharing!
purrs from little Luna and hugs from mommy Léia

JJ said...

Too cute - thanks for sharing

Martha said...

Those are wonderful photos. The panda is an adorable animal. Thanks for sharing. :)

Tumblewords: said...

Panda pleasure! I love this furry critters! Terrific post. The newer post about Halloween with the grands is a super read, as well. Made me grin a lot.

Beverley Baird said...

What lovely photos! They are such a special animal. Thanks for sharing them and the rescue mission.