Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Halloweens Past and Present

Before we moved to our first floor apartment we always had lots of visitors at Halloween. I did encourage it by decorating our porch not only with a carved pumpkin but also with spider webs and spiders (not real, you understand) a witches broom and hat, a black cat and some bats. I always had the treats ready bagged up, including mini chocolate bars, party whistles, streamers and maybe plastic bugs, spiders etc and a sprinkling of Halloween confetti. The callers came from about 5.30 pm through to about 9pm and I really enjoyed seeing the kids all dressed up, especially the little ones and of course always appeared impressed and/or scared. All great fun.

Last year was our first Halloween here and, of course, being on the first floor, we had no callers. I have given most of my Halloween decorations away.

Daughter and grand-daughter were with us for the weekend. They went home on Sunday evening but, as it was Halloween, before they left grand-daughter, aged 6, wanted to dress up and go "trick or treating". She had decided to be an executioner so she donned black leggings and T-shirt and a black cloth bag over her head with holes cut out for her eyes and mouth. Armed with an executioner's axe she was ready and off they went. First call was to our son and daughter in law and their girls, two of our older grand-daughters. The girls were kind enough to then take her out to knock on some of their friends and neighbours' door and Imogen had a lovely time. They (the family) were a bit taken aback with her choice of costume - being more used to witches and even fairies! Whilst they were out I prepared tea and realised I had forgotten to make cake. Just in time I remembered some "Halloween" biscuit cutters, so I set to and made a small batch of "spooky" biscuits for their return. "Cool" said appreciative grand-daughter.


EG Wow said...

Loved your tale. I'm glad your granddaughter was happy with your biscuit-cutter treats. The executioner? Hmmm. Wonder where that idea came from. :)

Mara said...

Did you never take photos of your porch all decked out? I would love to see it.

Hildred and Charles said...

Location, location, - it's everything when it comes to the number of halloween visitors, - we were glad to have two little pumpkin great grandsons, but up on the hill here we miss the general flow of goblins and witches - and executioners, of course.

Pam said...

I agree. You are very cool to make those cookies for the kids!

joo said...

I agree with Mara - it would be lovely to see some photos:)

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

WE had a lot of litle monsters here -I've blogged about them in the past. I can barely recognise them in their costumes as they all look so scary.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

EG Wow - she is a little girl with a huge imagination - and I wonder too!

Mara - no pictures I'm afraid!

Hildred and Charles - they take so much trouble and are so excited, bless their little hearts.

Pam - I'm just glad I rememberd them in time.

Joo - yes I wish now that I had taken some.

Addy - when they put such imagination into it it is a shame not to reward them.