Thursday, 4 November 2010


Just lately, well most of the spring and summer if I'm honest, I have found it increasing difficult to "blog".

It is partly a time thing because I seem to be so much busier now than when I originally began blogging. Apart from my usual chores/duties and vising my mum about 4 times each week to help her I also have a new hobby - sewing - which I am enjoying immensely. However I am not a "natural" so whenever I decide to do some sewing at home (as opposed to being in sewing class) it is a slow process. I have some knitting on the go and 2 birthday cakes in the pipeline. Whatever the reason or excuse, the longer it has gone on the more difficult I have found it to get back into the swing of it - and I do miss it although I have managed to keep in touch and fairly up to date with most of my blogging friends.

Well, yesterday, I paid a visit to Pam's blog at "Life with our Lad" and there I read that this month is NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month.

To take part in this I have to publish one post each day through November.
So, I've decided to try to do this and hopefully will get back into the swing of it again. I should be able to find something to chat about after all, with all these new things I am doing. Wish me luck!


Pam said...

Fabulous! I can't wait to pop over each day and see what you're up to! X

Hildred and Charles said...

Good luck Anne - I will be around to see how you are doing! Tell us about your sewing and the birthday cakes!

joo said...

Good luck Anne! I will be good to see you here more often:)
Have a nice Fridy!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, good luck!