Sunday, 7 November 2010

What about the Rice!

Friends came to lunch today. I decided to cook roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and a selection of vegetables. For dessert it was to be rice pudding, raspberry meringue roulade and sticky toffee pudding. The meringue dessert had to be made first and while the meringue was cooking I prepared the rice pudding to go into the oven immediately after the meringue came out. I rinsed the rice and left it to drain, prepared the dish and put the sugar and nutmeg in then measured the milk into a saucepan to be warmed through a little later.

So, eventually, the milk warmed I poured it into the bowl and then popped the prepared pudding into the oven. I always cook it on high for about 20 minutes then give it a stir and then turn the temperature down to cook the pudding for another hour. Once that was done I had a couple of telephone calls to make. Husband looked into the oven and remarked how good the pudding was looking. Great. Phone calls done I went back into the kitchen to carry on with the lunch preparations and there on the worktop was - yes you've guessed it - the rice, still draining!

Out of the oven came the pudding bowl, in went the rice, back into the oven and cooked for the usual time. All was well!

Our friends duly arrived, we all had lunch and Husband had a funny story to tell!


Pam said...

Well caught! And what an ambitious mix of desserts - I would have had some of each ;-)

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Thank goodness you discovered it in time. Now me? I would have discovered it as I was about to dish up!!

Sandi McBride said...

The heck with the rice pudding, its the Yorkshire I'd be after!!!!!!!
hugs and pass the Yorkshire pudding

Winifred said...

Mmmmm sounds delicious Anne. Sticky toffee pudding, yummy!

Last week my husband cooked Sunday dinner and at about 5pm after everyone had gone home he suddenly shouted "I forgot the peas, they're still in the microwave"!

Mara said...

I would have forgotten the timer as well...