Sunday, 25 March 2012

Time to Relax

It will soon be my birthday. Last year one of my presents was a voucher for a facial, to be used before the end of April this year. I hadn't forgotten it I just didn't seem to have the time (or much inclination) to make use of it, although it probably would have done me good to have done so!

However, a few days ago I made the appropriate appointment and yesterday afternoon I actually went to the salon and gave myself up to having a relaxing and pampering facial. My skin felt wonderful afterwards (and looked pretty good too, if I do say so).

I walked back home in warm spring sunshine, made myself a cup of coffee, sat on the sofa, put my feet up and fell asleep for an hour. Marvellous.

Tomorrow I am going to stay with my daughter who lives in Stratford on Avon, for about a week.

I will be in touch.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Back at last!

Last week we celebrated my mother's 90th birthday. A very happy day indeed. Until recently, mum has been unhappy. I believe it all began at Christmas 2009 but I failed to recognise the signs as a problem. Mum had health problems during 2010 (bowel cancer) but came through an operation relatively easily and without the need for further treatment. However, 2011 was a very stressful year for her and therefore for me also. She was resisting residential care but in November 2011 declared that was indeed what she wanted. As soon as we got her into her home of choice she became a different person and so it has continued and Mum is "as happy as a sandboy"!

Such a relief all round! Everyone who knows her say they can see the difference in her and recognise the lady they used to know. The home is pleasant and bright with lovely gardens and the staff are very caring. Mum has a fairly large, sunny room with her own furniture and decorative belongings and enjoys going to the dining room twice a day, preferring to stay in her room from lunchtime onwards. There are no pressures on her and she has no worries. The home is a 5 minute walk from where I live! Not sure yet if this is a good or bad thing!! Only joking!

We had a family time to celebrate her birthday and I made her a cake and she also had one provided by the home. Her room is still full of flowers.

Because of time pressures on me last year and until the end of last month when I finally disposed of my mother's home, I haven't had the inclination to do any posts or to visit blogging friends very much. I have definitely missed it and do hope to be able to continue with it now. I will certainly enjoying "catching up" with some old friends.