Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Making Raspberry Jam in New Zealand!

Husband and I are visiting our daughter, (my step-daughter, actually) and her family in New Zealand, for Christmas.  I may say, a very different experience for us, Christmas in the warm sunshine, however we are making the usual preparations for the imminent festivities.  Except that they are a bit unusual for me. We have been jam making.

Now, in spite of my blogger name, making jam just isn't my forte.  Usually something to be avoided at all costs, as, apart from one very good batch of strawberry jam (obviously), it is mostly disastrous.  Chutney, I excel at, but that is for another time!

So, making jam.  I had been out with SD, picking raspberries from the garden when she declared we would make jam. I demurred, explaining my past history with the procedure, but was told firmly that this was easy, foolproof even and I would be doing her a massive favour if I just got on with it.  So I did!  And it was foolproof!  And the result is delicious!  I am thrilled!

I won't be changing my name of course because it's a whole story how I came by it.

 So the Christmas preparations continue, in the usual? way!  And I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you who read this a Peaceful Christmas Season and a Happy and Healthy New Year!