Tuesday, 21 August 2012

ABC Wednesday - F

F is for Friends

Where would we be without them. The Following picture is of me with my First Friends

I think we were 2 - 3 years old at the time and lived quite close to each other. The Four of us used to ride and round on our tricycles for many an hour, our Feet going Faster and Faster. Fate took a hand and, sadly, I have no idea what became of them as my Family moved away from the area when I was quite small. The boy was called Roger and his Father was a Farmer. I am next to him and the other girls, Pam and Diane, were twins. Perhaps we should have been called the "Fab Four".

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Monday, 20 August 2012

A Tragic Event

Tragedy hit our little town yesterday evening.

It had been a lovely, sunny, summer day and there were lots of people still about at 6 pm. At the beach a little 4 year old boy was on the slipway, with his parents when he slipped into the sea. At that time the water was about 5 feet deep but the tide was rising and the currents here are very fast (we have the 2nd highest rising tide in the world). We are situated at the end of the Bristol Channel and the water is muddy and murky. His parents jumped in immediately to try to save him but they couldn't find him. The emergency services were called within a couple of minutes and from about 6.15 onwards there were helicopters circling, the lifeboats were out from this town and the surrounding areas and our local hovercrafts also joined in the search. It carried on through the night and most of today but the latest news is that the search has been called off; it feels as though the town is cloaked in sadness.

Three of our grandchildren are going through a traumatic family time at the moment and I sometimes have difficulty sleeping. Last night I got up around 1.30 and looked out of our front windows, which overlook the beach. I could see the lights of the boats that were still patrolling, looking for the little boy. I felt terribly sad as I gazed out into the blackness but at least I knew that my grandchildren were safe in their beds.

Poor little Dylan never stood a chance.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

ABC Wednesday - E

We were Excited that our 3 Exhuberant grandchildren were Expected for a visit. They have plenty of Energy and Enthusiasm so Each day, quite Early we took them out until Evening to Expend that Energy and hopefully Educate them along the way. They all had different appetites for Eating so a variety of meals was Essential. Being Elderly, we were glad to Escape to our bed at the End of the day.

The time didn't seem Endless and we did not Experience Exhaustion. Eventually they left to return home and now our home is Empty and I am Eager for the next visit.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

ABC Wednesday - D

D is for Donkey

Delightful creatures - they have such lovely faces. This first picture was taken whilst we were visiting Dundees in Adelaide, Australia.

and this one of Donkeys' Dinner was taken on our local beach. For the past two decades husband has run a local Donkey Derby during the summer holidays to raise money for charity. Depending on the weather they usually raise about £1500 on each of the six weeks.

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