Monday, 2 January 2012

A Happy New Year

So another New Year begins and as usual I have feelings of trepidation about what this year has in store for me and my family. Christmas Day was very quiet for us but on Boxing Day our children and grandchildren decended on us and we had a lovely family day - 7 adults and 6 grandchildren. The only one missing is Leah who lives in New Zealand. Photo below of me with the 6.

Last year was fairly hectic. I had to spend a lot of time dealing with my Mother and that is still ongoing. I am hoping something will be resolved quite soon now. Our family returned to the UK from Australia and so we have been able to invite three of our grandchildren (ages 11, 8 and 7) to come and stay. The first time, a long weekend was such a success we had them come again for the October break and took the opportunity to get all three of them swimming (only 1 of them could swim before that). We had a great time but we were all shattered at the end of that week.

Bob had his 70th birthday but we kept it fairly low key and just had several small parties with various groups of friends. We had some lovely holidays - Scotland in June, Spain in October and in early December we flew with a friend and her daughter to spend 6 nights in New York! We had a fantastic time, it was a wonderful experience and I really would like to return.

Here, from Battery Park, is my first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty - such a thrill!

and here we are a little closer

A wonderful statue, she is beautiful and I felt very emotional to be there and to see her for myself. Probably one of the best experiences of 2011 for me.

So here's to 2012 - it is going to be a special year for us here in the UK with the Olympics and our Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Bring it on!

Happy New Year to you all.


Maggie May said...

Lovely pictures of your family.
Glad I'm not the only one who views a New Year with trepidation but I believe I have only been doing this since our health got bad.
Heres to many more of them!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Pam said...

Happy New Year Anne! I'm so glad that your family is back from Australia and I know you missed them. The photo of you with them is lovely.
I know what you mean about Lady Liberty. Every time I see her I get emotional too. Years ago I went up inside her crown and had a fabulous view of the skyline and twin towers. That's an enduring memory.
Good luck in 2012! I hope to see lots of blogs from you about the jubilee and Olympics as I'll no doubt be homesick. xxx

joo said...

What a sweet photo of you and kids! Isn't it lovely to have them all around:)
Happy New Year to you and yours! All the best in 2012 Anne:)

Jay said...

Sounds as if you had a good year on the whole, but like you, the older I get, the more I view the coming year with trepidation.

Lovely statues of the Statue of Liberty! Did you get out to Ellis Island? I found that fascinating!

Cynthia L. H. said...

Wonderful photos, Anne! It is so nice to check in and "catch up" with your blog and your part of the world.

You were in the U.S.! I wish Oklahoma wasn't so far from New York! Can you believe I have never seen the Statue of Liberty? I can't. I haven't been to New York, yet. I did get to fly to Florida this summer with my daughter's family -- as babysitting Grandma. ;^) (Fine with me -- I got to sit on the beach with the kiddos and collect seashells.)

Hugs to you and Happy New Year!


cheshire wife said...

What a lovely family you have.

There does seem to be so much uncertainty in the world at the moment, never mind what might happen closer to home, but we have very little control over most of what will happen.

A Happy New Year to you and your family!

Elizabeth said...

Great photo! So many people move a lot and, like me, have families and friends spread across continents. Luckily there is the Internet to keep us all in touch!

ADDY said...

Happy New Year to you too. That photo of the grandchildren is delightful. You can be proud of them!

Anonymous said...

You've had a busy year, Anne, and from the sounds of it, a very enjoyable one. That's a beautiful photo, one to be treasured.

All the very best to you for 2012.
CJ x

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Anne,
Thanks so much for your kind words and we wish you a wonderful 2012!
I'm enchanted by the lovely smiles, your first picture, so adorable portrait of you and the kids!
You have a beautiful family!Thanks for sharing your pictures and ideas.
All the best ever!
Luna and mammy Léia

teenager said...

Your Pictures are so good :)
Loved It !

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Hildred said...

Marvelous picture of you and the grandchildren, Anne, - everyone looks so happy! Best wishes for a wonderful year...

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DeniseinVA said...

Lovely catch up on your year Anne. I have already bought my tea cup commemorating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and a friend and I purchased another of a plate for a friend's birthday next month. I'm not sure when you will be posting again or when you may be reading this, but have a great 2012! I hope it is already in full swing with lots of new and happy memories.